Virtual Blue MasterCard

Fully Operational MasterCard


The Virtual Blue Card is a fully operational MasterCard which can be used for online purchases.

The Virtual Blue Card is ordered online: once you have completed the application form, a Virtual MasterCard is delivered to your screen, including a 16-digitcard number and a CVC2 number.

You can credit your card right away using Paypal transfer or bank account transfer to our merchant account. You include your customer ID number in the transfer, and your card is credited and ready to use.

As a pre-paid MasterCard, this is a great gift for:

  • Online purchases (e.g. Apple Store, itunes, Amazon, eBay)
  • Travel purchases (, expedia, airlines, etc)

This is also secure: if you at any time suspect your account has been hacked, simply:

  • Login to your customer account to review recent account activity
  • Contact us to freeze your card, issue you a new password, etc.


Key Benefits

  • MasterCard, accepted world-wide at 33 million merchants and all major online sites (Amazon, eBay,, etc). (please remember: this card can only be used online)
  • PSI DSS Level 1-compliant: the highest level of security in the credit card industry.
  • Flexible: You can credit the amount you want. Avoid unwanted payments or debts.
  • Convenient: You have 24/7 access to your customer control panel.
  • No credit check: As this is a pre-paid debit card, you can open an account whenever you want, without a credit check.
  • Immediate: You apply and receive the MasterCard number immediately.


Credit Limits

  • € 40,000 can be charged per year
  • € 10,000 can be credited at any one time (maximum credit limit)
  • The card is re-useable