Online security is a major issue for all SOCAMA customers. Together with our card issuer and MasterCard, we take your security seriously.

All customers have directly, online access to their card accounts. Your accounts are protected by:

  • Encryption: Your account login, customer account and transaction record are protected by 256-bit SSL encryption which makes it impossible for anyone to view confidential information sent between you and our server.

  • Firewalls: In addition to SSL encryption protecting data transfer over third-party servers (for internet access), our providers use advanced firewall protection for transactions on their own server.

  • Data Protection: Under no circumstances will we or our providers sell, transfer or otherwise disseminate your customer data for any reason whatsoever.

  • Online Fraud Monitoring: We utilise fraud monitoring technology to alert us regarding suspicious transactions on the MasterCard network. 

If you do discover a problem with your account, please contact us immediately.